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Monday, March 4th, 2002
1:35 am
Wow. I hardly ever post anymore, and now that I did (and a very personal one at that), nobody had anything to say. So I took it down.

I've decided not to post here anymore (again). This time for real. Don't take it personally, anyone.

When I first started using LJ, I used it to post things about me, and my life. I've continued to use it that way throughout. Here's a hint people; LJ stands for LIVE JOURNAL.

LIVE -> Having to do with REAL LIFE
JOURNAL -> A place for people to log events

So, IMHO, if you would rather fill up your friends' friends pages with jokes, pictures of which tree you are, or with what's going to happen in tonight's episode of (Fill in the Blank), than to fill up these pages with things that have anything to do with you, so be it. Personally, I think you should try a free homepage instead of a livejournal.

Keep in mind that I also understand that its just my opinion, and not necessarily the opinion of those who have founded or run LJ.

I've gotten a number of people hooked on livejournal, and I'm glad they're happy with it. For me, its time to say "sianara". Its been a pleasure meeting all of you.

Below are the passcodes I've accumulated here, so feel free to give them out. I only ask that if you already have an account, you dont use a pass code from here to create a second one...give it to someone who wants one that has none.


Over and out.
Saturday, January 26th, 2002
1:34 am - Finally
Yes, watching my Yahoo Hearts rating drop one game at a time from over 1700 to below 1400 is very painful. 22 straight losses will do that to anyone. That's right, 22 STRAIGHT LOSSES from someone who usually would win! I play on those social tables where everyone is terrible, and they blow the game for everyone by playing dumb.

Well hallelujah. The slump is over. Remember this date. I thought I would never win again!

current mood: relieved
12:16 am
Friday, January 25th, 2002
1:58 am - The Hardest Part is When You're In It...
Remember this song?

1 - Name that band
2 - Name the year

I'm not so sure I agree with the line above...I guess it depends...but its true that I've been in love before. But the hardest part was when I was the only one LEFT in it. I think its really only happened once. Maybe it will happen again one day.

I've Been In Love Before - Eede

Catch my breath, close my eyes
Don't believe a word
Things she said, overheard
Something wrong inside
Once you won't admit it, then you know you're in it

I've been in love before
I've been in love before
The hardest part is when you're in it
I've been in love before
I've been in love before

Just one touch, just one look
A dangerous dance
One small word can make me feel
Like running away
You can't say you're in it, no, until you reach the limit

I've been in love...
Friday, January 18th, 2002
12:46 am - Let's Roll
READ THIS ARTICLE. Beginning to end. I think some people are starting to forget a little, focusing on the war, and forgetting about the heros. These people make me proud to be an American.

And pray for those who lost family on these planes, or in those buildings. We're over four months past the events of the 11th now. And I'm sure these people still need healing. And remember...the best way to be a good American is to be a good person and move forward with your life.

Get Busy Living...or...get busy living.
Thursday, January 17th, 2002
11:34 pm - Home made Ice Cream Flavor of the Night...
The home made ice cream flavor of the night is....

yummy! and different!
Wednesday, January 2nd, 2002
12:29 am - Ummm...MORON *not you, me!*
Okay, genius number one over here *yes, me* decides "hmm, maybe I should download some of the pictures and video from the party last night." And it occurs to me....

Question: Where's the camera?
Answer: In the bag

Question: Where's the bag?
Answer: In the car

Thought to self: Hmm, isn't my toothbrush and toothpaste in that bag?
Thought to self: FUCK.

So, knowing its either go get it tonight or go get it in the morning, I decide I can't procrastinate on this one.

So I put on a shirt, pants, slippers, jacket, and run outside to the car. Right?

I run out barefoot in nothing but my boxers when it occurs to me *I knew it was gonna be cold, but SON OF A BITCH*.

So I grab the bag from the trunk, and while I'm at it, I grab the leftover snacks Stacy and Paulie got for the party, and bring those in too.

DAMNED ITS FREAKIN COLD. I'm lucky I still have my feet on. Maybe soon I'll feel them again. So now I have the snacks in the house and I think, hmmmmm, FOOD.

I've been hungry all night mind you. Its one of those nights where I look in the fridge, look in the freezer, check the cupboards, and walk away utterly disappointed that there's nothing appetizing to me and I really really really want food. And then repeat the ritual every 3 and 1/2 minutes, continuing this cycle that can only end in utter disappointment. WHY DO I TORTURE MYSELF? So, now I brought in paulie's and stacy's snacks, so I figure YES! I can raid them!

Well, on a brighter note, I have a date tomorrow night with a girl I've been talking to for a few days and we're REALLY hitting it off. I've actually been chatting with her on and off for about a year I would guess, but somehow all of a sudden we both wanted to get to know eachother better. She seems very sweet, funny, loves music and singing *woohoo*, knows as much if not more music than I *seriously*. She's short also, and she returns my calls, which is definitely a positive ;) So all, keep your fingers crossed for me, because this one and I are getting along really well, and tomorrow may be judgement day. I've seen her pics, she seems pretty cute :)

Since this has already been a long entry, I'll figure I'll stretch it. I just want to say that I'm very happy with my investment of the digital video camera. I how have, on the same tape, 2 girls flashing the camera, one for each party on the tape. I hope this is an ongoing trend. Maybe if I throw lots of parties I can make a video "Girls Gone Wild on Hal's Camera" and sell it. *WOOOHOOO*

Goodnight all!!!!
Dream sweetly!

current mood: cold
Sunday, December 30th, 2001
4:03 pm - some music trivia HELP
1) A group whose name contains an intentional misspelling.
Def Leppard

2) A husband and wife who have had separately charted solo hits.
Sonny Bono and Cher?

3) A song whose title includes a US State name.
New York State of Mind

4) A group whose name ends in the letter 'X'.

5) A last name (as listed on the release) common to at least THREE
unrelated solo artists.
hmmm I would guess Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson, and ??? remember UNRELATED

6) A song that was a hit in at least 2 different decades (50+s / 60+s
/70+s / 80+s / 90+s). (Could be by the same or different artists.)
I would go with Emotion (Bee Gees & Destiny's Child)

7) A group name that includes a fruit.

8) A song performed, written, or produced by Stevie Wonder.
I just called to say I love you

9) A 3-letter song title.
This one is tough....dont know! HELP!

10) A group name exactly the same as a song title. NOTE: A different
artist may perform the song.
Saturday, December 29th, 2001
1:03 am - One of those days *sigh*
Today has just been one of those days. You know which kind of day I'm talking about...one of THOSE days. Yes. Where work was frustrating so I left at 2. Got home and napped. Woke up from phone calls and couldn't fall back asleep. Spoke to a hot girl I can't have because she lives in Florida. YET AGAIN didn't get a call from the girl I went out with the other night who supposedly wanted to see me again and felt bad she hasn't called, and had a good time, and wanted to call. So I called her and she acted like she couldn't hear me and hung up.

Dawn, after reappearing again after another 3 month layaway, again has disappeared. So I emailed her today (one of my three emails in the last month), and all I said was "*sigh* -hal" Well, her response was "you're silly. --Dawn. And the last time we talked she assured me she's just been busy and she would love to get together again for dinner. Oh yeah, and

Well I'm just gonna stop there. I am just so confused. There WAS nothing wrong with me, but now I'm thinking maybe there is. It really shouldn't be this hard for me to find someone. I really dont get it. There must be something wrong with me, seriously, that's very obvious, but that I just dont see.


current mood: aggravated
Wednesday, December 26th, 2001
11:01 pm
10:51 pm

current mood: depressed
Tuesday, December 25th, 2001
12:28 am - Merry Christmas!
Hey all! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of those celebrating!

I had a good evening...I had a date tonight...cute, short, funny, sweet, jewish, Ranger and Mets fan. Yes, my dream girl ;)

Anyhow, I think it went well, at least I had a very nice time. Sounds like we'll be getting together again. x fingers crossed x. Well, goodnight all!
Sunday, December 16th, 2001
8:39 pm - High Fidelity
I saw a wonderful movie tonight...pretty much sums up my life I feel. I can only hope the ending in my life turns out as good as the ending of this movie...

High Fidelity.
Tuesday, December 11th, 2001
1:50 pm
So Dawn emails me. Tells me I'm a sweet guy, and that she promises she'll call and explain why she's been so busy just as soon as she gets a free moment.

Let me guess? She getting married? Wedding arrangements? It would likely be the case.
Monday, December 10th, 2001
12:22 am - Irony
She was supposed to call me when she got home, and I haven't gotten at all. I didn't even ask her to call, she just said she would. :(

And ironically, as I sat here hoping I would at least get email from her, I just got an email from Dawn. Dawn is the mystery woman in my life. She pops in and out of it. We've been talking for forever but on and off. She tends to disappear. We were getting close and were supposed to meet on September 11, but I was nervous about my brother and she was nervous about her relative with the WTC attacks. So it got postponed, and we wound up meeting for dinner a couple nights later at the Outback Steakhouse.

We had a really good time, but she said she had to get back home for whatever reason, and I was really nervous too...I mean she was the perfect woman...blonde, beautiful, sweet, funny. Well I hardly heard from her since then, and she wasn't returning mail or phone calls.

Well here we are months later, and she's finally getting back to me. She said she's been working like crazy, and she would tell me all about it soon. Last email back to her I suggested she tell me over dinner. She just emailed me back saying that she would like that, she just has to make time with work and all. That she JUST got in from work (yes, at midnight on a Sunday night).

I'm confused. And lonely. Hopefully something works out for me soon. *sigh*
Sunday, December 9th, 2001
10:04 pm - Confusion sets in.
Well, I met someone from Matchmaker tonight. She joined paulie and stacy and I for dinner/dessert/movie at my house. She's 20, and is just out of an almost 3 year relationship...with a girl.

I've been in this situation before. I know it can't be a good one. She's young, just out of a long relationship, and probably still trying to figure out her sexuality. And to make matters worse, she's incredibly sweet and beautiful. *sigh*

I dont know that she's even interested in me, so I can't say that this will be an issue even. Except I know that she is the type I tend to fall for, and tend to get hurt after losing. What to do? I dunno. I guess go with it. Maybe its not something I even need to think about; I'm only one half of the equation.

To make matters worse my neck has been hurting. Doh! Oh well. There's probably a lot more to think about, but there's only really one thing on my mind.

Goodnight all. And happy Monday tomorrow.
Thursday, December 6th, 2001
1:41 am - ( (RANGERS + DATE) == (VERY_GOOD || VERY_BAD) )
Okay, only computer programmer geeks like myself will understand that subject.

Rangers game tomorrow, and I'm taking a date :) So I put together a table of possible combinations and the overall outcome:

Rangers Girl Overall
winbadAt least the Rangers won!
losebadJust shoot me!

current mood: giddy
Tuesday, December 4th, 2001
12:10 am - Dream
I had the first dream that I can remember for a long time. I dreamed about my ex-gf from four or five years ago (who's now married, by the way). In real life, she was at Binghamton for another semester after I came home, and cheated on me the very first week of that semester.

I had a dream that I went to Binghamton and I was at some concert or something. I was looking all over the place for her. I waited outside but couldn't find her. So I went back to our old dorm and there she was, sitting on the couch with a friend...I did some really weird thing where I was down on my hands and knees walking in looking up and making faces at her as if to surprise her, and the girl on the couch next to her was all confused and a little wigged out. Me ex saw me, laughed, and said hello, as if she was happy to see me.

Then she said she couldn't hang out because she was too busy. Meanwhile she was sitting on a couch watching TV. I dont remember it perfectly, but that's all I remember. Very strange dream.

Oh well.
Monday, December 3rd, 2001
10:02 am - WW III
Well, first of all, its was a pretty good weekend aside from nearly slicing off my finger mincing garlic ;) I lost a good chunk of my nail. Thanks for the bandaid paulie!

Also, Paulie and I made chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. We saw Monster's Inc, Tomb Raider and the remake of Planet of the Apes or whatever the hell it is. All good movies.

Okay, now the dark side of the weekend...after the horrible attacks in Israel, Israel has just retaliated sending ten missiles near Arafat's headquarters. Any hope for peace is now gone. Forever. In my opinion this will lead to WWIII. The US has to get involved because we'd be hippocrits if we don't...how can we condemn and say we're going to rid the world of terrorists and not support Israel on their assualt of the Palestineans who have been terrorizing Israel for years?

So now if the US gets involved (which it must), we can lose the little support we have from the arab nations with what we're doing in Afghanastan. We have all kinds of forces there. We now become targets. So if a country like Iraq or some other country bombs our troops in the middle east, now we're talking WWIII. Essentially the world powers vs. the arab world. Not good.

Pray for our world.

current mood: gloomy
Sunday, November 25th, 2001
1:24 am - Is anybody out there?

I went to different places tonight. First bar was loaded with college kids, it was just packed. I felt funny being alone there, and just felt way out of place. So I left and went to a place I've been to before. Smaller. Not many girls there, and most of them that were, were with someone.

I'm getting a bit frustrated lately because I message people on Matchmaker and they dont message me back. I have my picture up there. I didn't think I was bad looking, and I thought my profile was fine. What is the problem?

Oh well. I'm tired and should go to sleep. But I dont feel like it.


current mood: lonely
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